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Rhinoshield Solidsuit case for iphone

Rhinoshield Solidsuit case for iphone

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A touch of elegance

The SolidSuit is a revolution in the case market. We've precision molded our ShockSpread™ technology into a one-piece case and added a premium finish.

Strong and flexible

The new ShockSpread™ material is ultra strong, making it incredibly hard to break. It allows the case to perfectly fit the shape of the phone and always stay in place, even in the event of extreme drops. In addition to its great solidity, ShockSpread™ is surprisingly flexible. To simplify installation, this material can bend momentarily, without permanent deformation.


RhinoShield cases are among the thinnest and lightest cases ever developed. ShockSpread™ technology reduces overall volume by 40% and thickness by 22%. Our cases weigh approximately 30 grams, the equivalent of an AA battery, half for the bumper.

A case that respects your health

We have developed our equipment with your health and safety in mind. Our cases have been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). They are recognized as harmless to humans and the environment.

They do not contain BPA, BPS, BPF (Bisphenol A, S and F) - chemicals widely used in most heavy duty plastics. These components are suspected of being harmful in particular to the reproductive system and of being potentially linked to certain developmental problems in young children. Some studies have even found that they increase the risk of cancer.

ShockspreadTM _

Exceeds US military standards

Surpasses standard drop tests (MIL-STD 810G) and provides ultimate protection for your phone.

Honeycomb structure. The honeycomb configuration covering the inside of the shell improves its shock absorption capacity by 10%.


We only use real wood for this collection. Each case is therefore perfectly unique thanks to the natural variations in the grain of the wood.

Carbon fiber

Enjoy the allure of carbon fiber without signal interference. The matte surface resists friction while providing a comfortable grip.


Make the choice of quality with our leather case. We've carefully selected the highest quality leather to give you that premium feel without sacrificing protection.


The SolidSuit Classic aspires to redefine the standard of excellence in the minimalist case category. Its coating provides enhanced protection against scratches.

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