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Who are we? is the very spirit of mobility. It's a way of life where everything around us moves at a bewildering pace and where we too often lack the time to find the smartphone or tablet accessories that truly represent us.; it is the fact that we no longer have ties. reflects this trend where cellular device accessories reflect who we are. In fact, it's your fashion hub for your mobile device. You'll find branded cases, in-vehicle and home chargers, and rugged accessories to protect your device from the worst situations. Find what you are looking for!

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House of Marley

Ecological and sustainable Listen to your best playlist and relax while doing... 

  • KaseMe

    Made in Quebec

    Environmentally conscious. KaseMe has planted over 200,000 trees so far!

    You can visit us at our boutique at 159 Boulevard Antonio-Barrette, Notre-Dame Des Prairies, Quebec
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  • Security

    Did you know that,

    Touching is using

    Holding an electronic device in your hand (or between your shoulder and your ear) is using it. When driving, it is prohibited, with one exception: to make a 9-1-1 call.

    In any other situation, the use of an electronic device such as a cell phone is only tolerated in "hands-free" mode.

    The rules for using an electronic device while driving are strict.

    Failure to comply will result in:

    A fine of $300 or $600;
    5 demerit points;
    An immediate suspension of your driver's license (between 3 and 30 days) for the second offense.


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